11 Times You Were Sexually Harassed & Didn’t Even Realize It

6. If a guy sends you an unsolicited d*ck pic.

Anyone who sends a girl a d*ck pic without them asking first (yes, we can ask for them if we want them) is sexually harassing her. There is no reason to send a girl a picture of your junk unless she asks for it. Women don’t go around sending pictures of themselves unsolicited and if they do, they’re sexually harassing men.

7. A person not taking “no” for an answer.

At a bar, on Tinder, even at work – if someone asks for your number or asks to take you out and you say no, it means no. If a guy continues to try and score or get your number after you’ve said no countless times, it’s sexual harassment.

8. Being called inappropriate names.

You have a name and people should use it. Calling someone “honey,” or “sugar” or anything that’s sexualized in that nature is inappropriate, especially in a professional setting.

9. The use of space in conversations.

When someone is having a conversation with you, personal space is important. If you feel as though someone is way too close to you and you back away, and they lean in, move forward or shorten the space between you in any way, shape or form, it’s harassment. You’ve made your point clear that you need more space and they’ve denied your request.

10. Someone eating something or drinking something provocatively.

If you’re working at a restaurant, out to eat or even having lunch at work, people can sexually harass you in the way in which they eat their food. Sexual gestures including licking, sucking or anything of that nature while staring at you, or making it about you, is absolutely harassment.

11. If someone touches you without your consent, ever.

At work, at school, anywhere – if someone touches you, brushes up on you or makes any contact with you without your consent, it’s harassment. Especially, if you’ve asked them not to. More often than not, women experience this type of sexual harassment in the world place – even with “meaningless” touches like on the shoulder or the arm, if someone has not given their consent, it’s absolutely harassment.