10 Ways To Control Your Inner Angry B*tch When You’re About To Flip

A lot of us are able to control our emotions pretty easily but, sometimes that’s not always possible. Certain situations in life have us wanting to scream and flip out and, probably say every curse word we can think of. We all this site of us, the inner b*tch. Some things can irritate us so much that cause our inner b*tch to boiling to the point where we can’t hold her in any longer and flip out – all hell breaks loose. When trying to figure out how to control those emotions we need to think of how we can calm ourselves down and manage these outbursts, sometimes, we need to control the crazy – no matter how messy life can be.

1. Take a deep breath…or five.

Start off by taking a few deep breaths. This is how you should start for calming yourself down. By breathing deeply, this helps lower your anger radar. Don’t let your inner b*tch come out first and foremost. Try to lock her down.

2. Walk away and excuse yourself.

If someone or something is making you angry just walk away. Walking away and excusing yourself from the situation. This will help manage your crazy and help your anger go down by stepping away from the problem and giving yourself time before approaching the person or the situation again.

3. Understand why or what is making you angry.

Figure out what is making you angry and think of how you can resolve it. Once you figure out what that is, try to avoid those types of situations whenever possible. These are “triggers.” It’s best to avoid all of your triggers that call your inner b*tch to command. If you can’t control the situation and can’t separate yourself from them, because you inevitably have to be around them, learn how to manage how often you interact with this person or situation.

4. Take a walk with your inner b*tch.

Just like walking away from the situation, just taking a walk can help. Just you and your inner b*tch. Hey, talk yourself down if you have to, but get your endorphins going so you feel better than you did before.

5. Write it down instead of yelling it out.

Writing is a great way to release your emotions and problems. Instead of keeping it all inside grab a pen and paper and write down what is making you angry. Write down how you want to control your emotions to resolve the issue. Write down every curse word you want to, Just write it, don’t yell it.