Maisie Williams’ Reaction To Sophie Turner’s Engagement Will Make You Ugly Cry

There are some celebrity friendships that seem as though they’re for publicity and status. But, then, there are some celebrity friendships that are so real and so pure, that they make us wish we could score an acting job and join their BFF circle. Like, for example, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. The two who play Sansa and Arya Stark on Game of Thrones met on set when they scored the roles of a lifetime and immediately hit it off.

Happy 7th August ????‍♂️⭐️

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While they may feud on the show like sisters do, IRL, they are closer than real sisters are. They even have tattoos of the date they first met and their budding friendship was born.

So, when the news broke of Sophie Turner’s engagement to Joe Jonas, immediately I was wondering what Maisie Williams was going to say now that her #Mophie was going to be moving onto her dream guy. Any BFF goes through a little period of slight sadness knowing their partner in crime is going to become someone else’s SO – of course, we’re always happy for them, but there’s a tiny ping of sadness.

After Joe and Sophie both shared photos on Instagram:

I said yes.

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She said yes.

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Maisie William’s left some love on social media to celebrate.