Justin Bieber Tried To Slide Into This Girl’s DMs By Contacting Her Boss And Now It’s Blowing Up In His Face

Real subtle, Biebs.

If you’re a girl on the internet, you’re probably used to thirsty dudes commenting on your pictures, or sliding into your DM’s to say hey. Often literally just “hey.” Most of the time you ignore it and move on with your day, right?

Well what if the thirsty dude in question was Justin Bieber? That’s what happened to Jessica Gober, 22, after she posted this Boomerang on her gym’s Instagram account.

The Biebs apparently liked what he saw, because he sent a DM to the account asking, ultra casually, who the girl was.

The series of screenshots includes proof that the private message did, in fact, come from Justin’s verified Instagram account. While Jessica was amused by such a high-profile pickup attempt, she was not interested — and quickly Tweeted out a photo of her with her (now very paranoid) boyfriend.

All in all, it’s a win for the gym’s Instagram account, which now has hundreds of new followers, and a win for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to be a thirsty millionaire pop star. Apparently it’s a lot like being anyone else.

As a bonus – Gober also got to make her friends insanely jealous.

The only person who’s not a winner in this story is Justin Bieber. So the poor guy will probably spend the day wiping his tears away with money. Or just move on to some other girl’s gym’s Instagram account.

Sorry Biebs!