20 Must-Read Books For Halloween Lovers

16. IT

The children were the ones who could see and feel what made their hometown so scary when the adults were utterly clueless. The children knew very well that IT took the shape of your deepest, darkest fears. As the kids shared their encounters with IT at a young age, they eventually all grew up and moved away, until something calls them back to their small hometown. Upon arriving back in Derry, Maine, they must unravel the nightmarish memories.

17. ‘Salem’s Lot

If you miss the stories when a vampire was ruthless and not misunderstood, horny teenagers, this is the King book for you.
Following the death of his wife, Ben Mears, a writer, moves back to a sleepy Maine town, ‘Salem’s Lot where he lived as a boy. He plans to continue working on his novel, but something sinister is making his plans impossible to accomplish, but can he defeat Barlow and his children of the night before it’s too late

18. Into the Woods

One warm evening in a suburb in Dublin, three children go out to play but don’t return home. Later that night, police are able to locate one of the children who is gripping a tree trunk for dear life in blood-filled shoes. The child is unable to recollect what took place over the course of that evening. Twenty years later, Rob Ryan, has become a detective and managed to keep that frightening night hidden in his past. That is until he stumbles across a case that reminds him a lot of his own tragic experience.

19. The Ritual 

Old university friends are reunited for a hiking trip out in the Scandinavian wilderness. The four men who were once great friends, struggle to connect now that they’re all older. Frustration and tension influence their decision to take a shortcut that turns an innocent hike into the stuff of nightmares that might cost them their lives. As they wander around a vast, untouched forest, they stumble across remains that appear to have been part of pagan sacrifices. That’s when they realize they aren’t alone in the forest.

20.People Who Eat Darkness

Based on a true story — Lucie Blackman is a tall, blonde 20-year-old who vanishes one summer while in Tokyo. Her dismembered remains are found in a seaside cave the following winter.
Lucie’s disappearance was covered by Richard Lloyd Parry, an award-winning foreign correspondent. Read all about the gruelling search, investigation and trial. Parry gains the trust of Blackman’s family and friends. Learn more about this strange and devastating true story, a case that many believe was mishandled by the Japanese police and heavily influenced by the massive media coverage.