20 Must-Read Books For Halloween Lovers

11.And Then There Were None

What do these ten people have in common? They all have something they want to hide and something they also fear. So what happens when they’re all invited to stay at a mansion that’s isolated on Indian Island? Their mysterious host fails to arrive, and one by one, dark secrets are revealed and lives will be lost…

12. Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse are newlyweds who purchase a four-bedroom apartment that finally becomes available at The Bramford building despite the warnings from their friend Hutch who strongly advises against the purchase because he believes the building is cursed. Rosemary believes it is the perfect place to raise a child once Guy, an aspiring actor, warms up to the idea. Bizarre things begin to happen around the apartment, and Rosemary can’t help but notice that the neighbors are friendly, but certainly a little odd. Just as Guy’s acting career starts to take off, Rosemary learns she is pregnant. What should be the beginning of a beautiful life is only the beginning of a nightmare.

13. Misery

Paul Sheldon is a bestselling writer and he’s finally meeting his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes. She’s read every novel he’s every published, but she’s also the one who tends to his wounds after a terrible car accident. She attempts to nurse him back to health…while holding him captive in her isolated home. Annie is less than pleased after Paul killed off Misery, the main character of his latest book series and requests that he rethink that decision. Will her methods of persuasion be successful?

14. The Shining

Jack Torrance thought his new job at the Overlook Hotel was exactly what he needed to reconnect with his family and revamp his writing. Overtime, however, Jack and his unsuspecting family begin to experience some bizarre things. The once idyllic location is remote and begins to take a sinister feeling. The only one to notice things are a little off is five-year-old Danny Torrance.

15. The Exorcist

12-year old Regan MacNeil falls gravely ill, soon after her mother Chris begins to notice strange things occurring in and around their rented house. She tries to write the strange occurences off, but she can’t ignore the fact that her daughter’s behavior. The young girl refuses to eat or sleep and even starts acting out violently. Chris seeks help from Father Damien Karras. Can he save the soul of the young unsuspecting child? Or is it too late?