20 Must-Read Books For Halloween Lovers

6. Penpal:

What started off as an innocent school assignment, ends with a terrifying realization. One man investigates a series of crazy and tragic occurrences from his childhood after participating in a penpal assignment. As he puts the bits and pieces together, he starts to realize how they’ve affected the totality of his life.

7. American Psycho:

Patrick Bateman is an investment banker. As the narrator, he lets the reader into his mind and his experiences at nightclubs, drugs and relationships. As the story unravels, the reader will notice his mental stability (or lack thereof). He’s an investment banker by day, but a serial killer by night. From the first kill to the final disclosed in the book, his methods become more violent and torturous. What makes the story even more interesting? Bateman reveals all these activities to coworkers, working the details into casual conversations, but his confessions are written off as nothing more than a joke.
Really makes you think twice about befriending coworkers doesn’t it?

8. Behind Closed Doors:

Jack and Grace are the definitions of a picture-perfect couple. Jack has money and looks; Grace is elegant and charming, the two host swanky dinner parties that leave Grace’s friends in complete awe. Grace’s friends want to invite her to lunch as a way to thank her for being such a gracious host, but she knows Jack will never allow it. Is there something more behind the door of this picture perfect couple’s home? And why are there bars on the bedroom windows?

9. House of Leaves:

Will Navidson and Karen Green move into a small house on Ash Tree Lane with their two children. When the young children wander around the house, Will and Karen are baffled by the stories of creatures, darkness and the abyss behind a closet door. Then there’s the growl that tears through the walls and haunts their dreams.

10. False Memory

Susan suffers from agoraphobia, as a result she must see a psychiatrist for weekly sessions, with the assistance of her friend Martie, who shuttles her back and forth. However, Martie too starts to exhibit signs of a mental disorder. Then her brother-and-law Skeet attempts to commit suicide, throwing himself from a rooftop. Is it all just a coincidence? Or is there something much bigger and twisted going on?