10 Things Every Girl Should Know Before Getting An IUD

Aside from it being the best damn thing in the world…

If you’re anything like me, you hate having to remember to take a pill at the same time every day. Even when I set alarms, I’d still manage to silence it and put it off til “later,” at a more convenient time (even though I should’ve known “later” wouldn’t come). That’s why an IUD sounds so appealing to many of us. However, you may be like me in the way that I hate the idea of having a foreign object in my body for prolonged periods of time. I feel as though my skepticism is justified!

So when my OBGYN suggested an IUD (Intrauterine device), I was like…

Hell. No.

So I, along with millions of other women, took the pill.

Then, all hell broke loose. I was a hormonal disaster. I would cry when my boyfriend had to go to work every day, I would explode into a fit of rage for spilling a little water – let’s just say I was becoming less and less stable. Along with my absent-minded forgetfulness, it was obvious the pill just wasn’t for me. So after a while, I let a friend (an avid enthusiast of IUDs) talk me into trying it out. “If it’s not for you, you can just have it removed!” she ensured me.

I took the plunge, and I have to say I’ll never turn back until this body is ready to create and sustain a little human parasite. But I’d be lying if I said it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Here are some things you should know prior to your IUD insertion appointment.

1. Compare the different IUDs, they’re not all the same.

Seriously, I was surprised to know each IUD has a different level of hormones, can be left in for different numbers of years, are different sizes, and made of different materials. These are all super important things to think about beforehand. Is your body over-sensitive to hormones? Could your cervix handle the bigger IUDs? How long do you want to be protected? There are pros and cons to each brand, so do your research and talk to your doctor!

2. No, the internet wasn’t lying to you, it hurts like hell.

Your cervix is meant to deliver a baby. Therefore, something is meant to leave it, not enter it. So naturally your cervix hesitates to allow the entry of anything into your uterus, so the odds of you experiencing mild-strong pain during insertion is almost guaranteed. But on the plus side, that pain only lasts for the duration of the procedure, which is typically 30 seconds to 1 minute.

3. If you’re prone to anxiety and are on a prescribed medication, consider a Xanax (or whatever other meds you’re prescribed) about an hour before your appointment.

This was exactly what my doctor told me during my consultation. Those prone to anxiety, especially during physically stressful situations, tend to have an increase in the tightening of the muscles. So if you’re super anxious for the insertion, it’s probable that your cervix will tighten up, preventing your OBGYN to efficiently get the IUD into place without added force, which could, in turn, hurt much more and even damage the lining of the cervix/uterus.