I Tried Being A ‘Tone It Up’ Girl & Here’s Why It’s The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

My journey with Tone It Up:

I started my journey with Tone It Up back in January of 2014. I needed a new workout to do. I was tired of just going to the gym and running on the treadmill or bike. I needed a change. That’s when I came across Tone it Up on Instagram and found out they had TONS of workout videos on YouTube for free that anyone could do so gave it a shot and fell in love with their workouts and challenges and started incorporating their workouts and nutrition into my daily life.

There are no requirements to it unless you purchase their Nutrition Plan and actually become a member. There are some benefits to being a member, like getting early access to certain things before others who have not purchased the nutrition plan. Either way, being a member or not, you will get access to almost everything. Like I said, they have hundreds of free workout videos on their YouTube Channel besides what they have that you can purchase on DVD, but mostly now it is all digital.

What else you should know:

Many girls, including myself, post daily check-ins on Instagram of their workouts they did that day or post pictures of their “Lean Clean and Green” meals and use many hash-tags that involve Tone it Up. Examples would be: #tiuteam, #tiumom or #tiumama (I use these because I am a mom), many girls use their states they live in so for me I use #tiuiowa, etc. The list goes on and on.

A few more things you might be curious about before I wrap everything up:

Not only will you fall in love with their workouts, their clothing, and gear to buy on their website, but you will also gain many friendships (even if they don’t live in the same location as you).

Being a part of the Tone it Up community and by checking in every day on Instagram, many girls just like me will come across your post and like it and maybe even share a comment to you and you might reply back to them and – hey look a new friend! I have gained so many friendships through this community and talk with many of them each day and I am so glad and thankful to have come across their pages and have others that love doing what I love to do too.

With Karena & Katrina having their own weekly retreats each year, twice a year and now the Tone it Up Tour, girls are able to go to these and meet these other women who are apart of the community and hang out with one another and have a great time. It’s a win-win situation!

My final words:

I probably could go on and on about it but I won’t because then this would be one long ass article so I will stop here and say I hope you check it out – and, let us know what you think!