Netflix Announces They’re Increasing Their Price…Again.

Where will it end Netflix? The company already knows we can not live without them. At this point, I am honestly addicted to binge-watching. Netflix has a tight stranglehold on my entertainment viewing for the foreseeable future, especially this upcoming year or so without Game Of Thrones(The North Remembers). So what if I’m watching the same shows for the 13th time? Looking at you Michael Scott, Netflix is just something I refuse to live without.

I can’t imagine a world where I can’t come home curl up in bed and listen to The Office’s theme song drift me away to sleep. With such a measly increase in price, I don’t think it will deter many people from keeping their Netflix accounts going. I’m still getting over the recent loss of my beloved One Tree Hill. I haven’t felt this sad about anything OTH related since Dan shot Uncle Kieth. If Netflix wants one more dollar a month they can happily have it, now that they created a product I am hopelessly addicted to.

Having access to your favorite shows won’t necessarily break your bank. But, the prices are going to change.