Netflix Announces They’re Increasing Their Price…Again.

Netflix will be raising the prices on both of its standard and premium subscriptions. Their standard streaming subscription is the one that lets you stream all your stuff on two screens at once. Starting October 5th it will cost you $10.99 per month. This isn’t a huge jump from its current price of $9.99. Their premium subscription has a slightly higher price jump. The premium service will now run you $13.99 – only two dollars increase you may say from $11.99. It did get me thinking though, how much would I be willing to pay for Netflix? It is safe to say I am embarrassed to share, even with the price jump I consider Netflix a bargain. Maybe I’m just hopelessly addicted but I certainly do not have time for commercials…ever.

Netflix could double in price and I would have to think long and hard before I canceled, I still don’t know if I would for sure (don’t tell Netflix). Netflix has entangled itself into my life at this point. I can’t seem to control anything else in this world at least let me choose what I want to watch when I want to do it! If the one or two dollar increase has you shook, do not fret my friends. If you currently have Netflix or are a vulture on someone else’s account, it’s cool we’ve been there. You have sometime before it affects you.

Existing customers won’t have to worry the price spike until your next bill cycle starts. You’ll be notified by October 19th about your bill increasing going forward. So you take those 2 bucks and go buy a lotto ticket or some chicken nuggets, whichever you prefer.