Netflix Released The Most Watched Shows Of 2017 And You Probably Didn’t Watch Half Of Them

Ah Netflix, always giving us content to binge when we have a million other things we should be doing, but would rather procrastinate and prolong our stresses. This year, Netflix came out with a lot of brilliant content that we had been waiting on for quite some time. And, while we think we know the most popular shows of 2017, you may be surprised when you see Netflix’s reports for the past year. Sure, Stranger Things is up there, but not the most popular – go figure. Instead of showing us the top shows, Netflix broke down the ways in which we watched shows, which tells us even more than you’d think. Here are their findings.

The biggest streaming day of the year was surprisingly January 1st, 2017. I guess we weren’t that hungover from New Year’s Eve to watch some Netflix this year. Also, Netflix members (us) watched more than 140 million hours of shows, movies, and content per day…wow. Apparently, someone in Antartica has a Netflix account and wanted to watch Shameless (weird?) and, Mexico took the trophy for having the most people watch Netflix every single day.


Shows We Devoured (watching more than two hours per day):

1. American Vandal

2. 3%

3. 13 Reasons Why

4. Anne with an E

5. Riverdale

6. Ingobernable

7. Travelers

8. The Keepers

9. The OA

10. The Confession Tapes