Sophia Bush Revives “Brooke Davis” & Does A Dramatic Reading of Her One Tree Hill Quotes

If you’re a fan of One Tree Hill, chances are, you loved yourself some Brooke Davis – played by none other than female empowerment leader and total badass, Sophia Bush. Bush’s character on One Tree Hill was not only stunning, popular and flirty – but, she was also kind, deep and powerful. Brooke Davis may have been the typical “high school cheerleader” at first glance, but as the show progressed, she showed us what it really meant to grow into a brave, fearless woman who isn’t scared to follow her dreams (cough cough, Clothes Over Bros).

Sophia Bush did not just play a strong, powerful female on TV, she is also one off screen. Bush has been outspoken about numerous issues in society such as sexism, inequality and poverty. She has been involved in several charitable campaigns and political movements to raise awareness about issues that are ongoing in our world, that desperately need attention. And, recently, she teamed up with Cosmo to get real about birth control, women and the new Republican Health Care Bill.

But, while at Cosmo’s HQ – she did revive her character from the good old days and did a dramatic reading – circa 2017 – of Brooke Davis’ most well-known quotes. And, we’re fan-girling so hard.