We Need To Talk About How Lucas Scott And Peyton Sawyer Are The Worst Characters On ‘One Tree Hill’

Out of all the shows we grew up watching, “One Tree Hill” was always one of those teenage dramas that hit home for everyone in one way or another. I was in middle school when I began watching the show, and a lot of things flew over my head at that age.

I will say, however, “One Tree Hill” definitely influenced my taste in music for the better (some of the greatest show soundtracks TV ever had was from this show, trust me). It’s been a while since I’ve seen the show, seeing as it went off the air after the 8th season. So, recently, I decided to rewatch the show, because honestly everything on TV right now kind of blows and there’s only so many times I can rewatch “The Office.” As an adult, I realized that a lot of characters on OTH actually suck and some of their decisions were outright stupid.

Two of the worst characters on the show were actually two of the biggest: Lucas and Peyton. Here’s why:


As a young kid, I was infatuated with Lucas. I thought his indecision was romantic and his choices were “passionate.” I thought the way he acted was sexy and mysterious and his dark, twisted, deep ways were intriguing. I was all “Team Lucas.” But, as an adult, I see him in a completely different light and realize he’s probably one of the worst characters on the show.

I’ll start off by saying yes–I think Lucas has his redeeming qualities. He is reliable and smart, he is talented and compassionate, and he is very protective of his friends. But, he does a lot of selfish and stupid things during the show that ruins a lot of people’s lives and it’s downright screwed up.

Lucas is the original f*ckboy when it comes to love. Not only did he create the epic “love triangle” with Brooke and Peyton–he stayed playing women throughout the series all while loving Peyton the most. Sure, it seems “romantic” that it took basically his entire adolescence to realize it was “Peyton all along,” but he f*cked everyone else over in the process. Can you imagine your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend? I will say, Peyton was equally wrong in that situation, but Lucas was playing them both. He was so “in love” with Peyton and just let himself have his cake and eat it too, not even caring that he screwed Brooke over.

Mid-series–he gets back with Brooke trying to profess his love to her before she leaves for California. Does he end up with Brooke? Nope. He ends up with Peyton anyway. The two end up breaking up, again, and he ends up with Lindsey, his book editor (this is all post-high school). What does he do? Cheat on Lindsey with Peyton…again…but then proposes to Lindsey after kissing Peyton?

Come on dude, get your head out of your ass and stop screwing women over. It’s not “romantic” and it’s not “dreamy”–it’s wrong.

Lucas is one of those people that can’t be single and happy at the same time. Throughout the entire show, he jumps from woman to woman. Brooke, to Peyton, to Brooke, to Anna, to Lindsey, to Peyton…etc. He always needs someone to be infatuated with or brood over. He can’t be himself or be by himself. Sure, women find this romantic and desirable, but in reality, it’s desperate and weak.

Lucas also continuously plays the victim to certain things in his life. I get it, growing up in a town where your father and step-brother run things and you basically were left behind is hard–but, you constantly set yourself up for drama. He’s continuously putting himself in the middle of everyone else’s problems and meddling where he should not be. Stay out of other people’s business, dude.


Peyton was just one of those characters that always played the victim. I get that her character is supposed to be the dark, deep, twisted soul that is always in conflict and whatnot, but a lot of the problems she had–she did to herself.

In the beginning of the show, Lucas gave Peyton probably 15 different chances to be with him. But, she wasn’t down–until Lucas starts dating Brooke. All of the sudden she’s madly in love with him? Please–you had your chance. Then, she screws over her best friend of years to be with a guy who can’t even make up his mind to be with her? Nope.

She also sets herself up for disaster by putting herself in awful situations. Like, Jake. Jake has his own drama with Nikki and his daughter, but she insists on going after him anyway. Then, she cries and is heartbroken when he chooses to leave to fight for his daughter. I mean, you knew he had baggage and you chose to go after him anyway.

How about when she gave Hailey sh*t for kissing Chris Keller while married to Nathan, even though she hooked up with Lucas while he was dating Brooke? Hypocrite.

Her stalker? Why are you filming yourself 24/7 on a webcam and then you’re surprised when people creep on you and stalk you. Maybe it’s because it was the early 2000’s and people didn’t know much about the web–but it seems like common sense to me.

Peyton gets angry when Lucas is with someone else–like Lindsey–but again, realizes she only wants him because someone else has him. It’s a never-ending saga of drama, drama, and more drama with Peyton. Even when she has good things in her life, Peyton is constantly complaining, whining, and crying over something. She can never just be satisfied, happy, or content. She always has to find something new to self-sabotage her life and hurt herself.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who feels this way…