Someone Created A ‘One Tree Hill’ Drinking Game And It’s Guarenteed To Get You Lit

It’s no secret that people are obsessed with TV shows that were a staple of our childhood. For me, and many others, “One Tree Hill” on The CW was one of those “I have to get home for the new episode” shows we were obsessed with.

While the show may no longer be on the air, thanks to DVDs and streaming, we can relive all of our favorite Tree Hill moments for as long as we all shall live–bless. Someone decided to spice up the show, however, and create a pretty rad drinking game to go along with the binge-watching sessions you do with your girlfriends.

Take a drink every time:

Brooke insults someone

Nathan or Lucas scores during a game

Peyton is listening to music

Someone cries that’s not Brooke

Lucas kisses someone

Mouth is called Marvin

Quinn has a camera

There is a flashback

Someone gets coffee at Karen’s cafe

Clay remembers Sarah

Anyone visits a grave

Someone gets slapped

People are drinking on screen

Deb does drugs

Someone is drunk

Brooke says bitch

Keith is mentioned

Mouth starts broadcasting

Someone says “I love you”

Peyton turns on her webcam

Take a shot every time:

Peyton blows a red light

Chris Keller uses 3rd person

Someone leaves Tree Hill

Dan shows up somewhere unwanted

When someone cheats

You hear the theme song

Lucas hugs his mom

The Ravens lose a game

Chug your drink every time:

A baby is born

Someone is in the hospital

Someone Dies

There is a wedding

You cry

If you were to ask me, this is a definite way to get drunk pretty damn fast–and, what better way to spend your weekend than with your Tree Hill Ravens and your friends (and wine).

h/t PuckerMob.