9 Life Changing Things To Try In October

7. Power Puff:

We’re always on our phones – let’s face it. So much so, that when we’re out, it dies way faster than we want it to. Instead of carrying around a bulky powerpack, you can get yourself a cute keychain that can also charge your cell. This is perfect for trips away with the girls, long nights at the bar/city and even those long nights in the library cramming for exams. Grab it from Firebox and make sure you always have battery. 

8. Tweexy:

Every girl feels naked when they don’t have their nails done – or, maybe that’s just me. Either way, getting your nails done is a luxury and sometimes when we’re strapped for cash, we can’t afford to get pampered. But, if you’re smart, you’ll pick up some nail polish from the drug store and do your own nails when times are tough. The worst part? Balancing the bottle somewhere while you paint your nails and toes. But, with Tweexy, you can easily hold the bottle in your fingertips and do your nails at the same time. It’s f*cking genius. Get it on Firebox and pamper yo’self.

9. Natural Carbon Odor and Moisture Remover: Footwear Deodorize:

With Fall upon us, we’re whipping out our boots and cute flats faster than we can throw away our gross flip-flops from the summertime. But, Fall isn’t always “bitter cold,” and some days, we may get those “sweaty feet” days when we’re out and about. Don’t fret, babes. Instead of spraying your shoes and ruining them, or throwing white powder into them, these odor removers will take the moisture and odor right out of any shoes you have a problem with – especially those flats. Grab them on Amazon and tackle the world.