9 Life Changing Things To Try In October

October is just around the corner and when I say just around the corner, I mean it’s here. This, of course, means that Fall is upon us and in mere days, we’ll start seeing that annoying fake spiderweb cotton ball decor everywhere, hear everyone b*tching about not knowing what they want to be for Halloween and – everything will smell like Pumpkins. But, you don’t have to let the in-your-face Fall Festivism get you down because there are some killer ways to celebrate the chill in the air and by that – I mean it’s time to treat yo’self to some new, exciting items.

1. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker:

Now that it’s pretty cold out, you want to ditch the iced coffee for something warmer. This mini espresso maker is probably the best thing I’ve seen to date because it’s a) wireless b) portable and c) you can make espresso anywhereanytime. How many times are you sitting on the train somewhere and feel as though you absolutely need some caffeine in you before you crash? Or, if you’re cramming for exams and need a pick-me-up – you can use this without ever leaving your dorm. It’s pretty awesome and reasonably priced, too. Grab it on Amazon and give it a go.

2. Long Distance Touch Lamp:

Some of you may be away at college, some of you may not live at home anymore, some of you may be in some long distance relationships. Whatever the case, I‘m sure you have people you know and love who aren’t with you all of the time – even your friends who live a few blocks away. These “long distance touch lamps” are perfect for people who want someone to know they’re thinking of them, even if they’re not together. They work via Wi-Fi and whenever you touch one lamp to turn on, the other lamp connected will glow the same exact way and color – how f*cking cool? The lamp cycles through a rainbow of colors and when one lamp is touched, the other imitates the color scheme at the same exact time. What better way to let someone know you care and are always thinking about them? Grab them on Uncommon Goods and surprise your special someone.

3. Pancake Bot:

Fall means a lot of things like chunky sweaters and cute boots, but it also means you don’t want to go do rooftop brunches in the city when it’s cold AF out. Why not move your weekend brunch plans to your house or apartment and have your friends over for some spiked hot cider instead? Obviously, no brunch is complete without the breakfast element and that’s where Pancake Bot comes into play. This pancake “drawer” lets you customize and make any kind of picture or shape into a pancake because you essentially draw it right onto the griddle provided. You can also customize the flavor and type of pancake you make, which makes it even cooler. Grab it on Amazon and start cooking.