9 Life Changing Things To Try In October

4. Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker:

For anyone with their own place, this Bluetooth speaker adds a flair to any room. Essentially, we all love the aesthetic of records and vinyls, but not everyone is lucky enough to have parents who passed down records from their time. And, it’s a known fact that original vinyls just sound better than copied or replicated ones. What’s great about this is that you can still have that “old school/new school” feel and – not have to purchase a million records to play them. Instead, this speaker hooks up to any Bluetooth enabled device, which means you can stream from iTunes, Spotify, Pandora or Google Music and dance all night long. Get it from Uncommon Goods and keep the party rocking.

5. Coravin One Wine System:

How many times have you been home with a friend or significant other and want a glass of wine – but they prefer a different blend/color/bottle? It’s annoying to have to open two bottles and eventually, one goes bad or tastes sour because you uncorked it and didn’t finish it (yes, people actually don’t finish bottles of wine one sitting at a time if you can believe it. This wine system works so that you never have to uncork your bottle of wine. The pros? Well, you can have any bottle of wine at any time and not worry about it oxidizing and going sour because you don’t want to chug-a-lug on a Monday night. Also, it’s perfect for times you and your partner or roommate want different bottles. Grab it on Amazon, cheers.

6. Prosecco Pong:

October means that every party is going to be indoors now – no more backyard BBQ’s and kegstands. Instead, we’re shifting over to beer pong and flip cup. But, why not class things up at the Frat party and whip out the Prosecco instead? This kit is perfect to get you started and, the rims on these glasses are definitely bigger than the rims on red Solo cups – so, God Bless, sis. You and your girls are guaranteed to look like LeBron with that jump shot, so grab it from Firebox and drink up.