Harry Styles Just Rocked Some High Heels To An Interview And We’re Swooning Hard

Musician and occasional actor Harry Styles is something of an icon. His fashion choices have routinely been eye-catching, barrier-breaking, and totally swoon-worthy. He’s also not here for your plebeian gender norms. The latest proof? This smashing pic of Styles showing up to a BBC radio interview in high heeled boots:

Look at those bad boys!

Then, take a second too look at the rest of the outfit. The white shirt, the red tartan suit, the chain — a beautiful ensemble that all leads down expertly to the heeled loafers with buckles. It’s the perfect outfit for those casual days of being an international pop and fashion icon.

What’s cool about casually rocking a pair of heels is that it totally flies in the face of fashion expectations for guys. And the more that happens, the more gender-normative barriers can start to be broken down for everybody.

Plus, this isn’t his first time rocking heels. He famously strapped on a pair of heeled Gucci boots at a fashion show, and has been pushing boundaries with his outfits for a long time. He’s also one of many pop stars and fashion icons to break with gender norms in recent years.

I say, bring on more dudes in heels!