‘Mean Tweets’ Came Back Last Night And Someone Needs To See If Jennifer Aniston Is Okay

Every couple of months, Jimmy Kimmel drops a new edition of his best segment: Mean Tweets. The premise is — well you’ve probably seen it or can guess, but — celebrities come into the studio to read mean things that have been said about them on Twitter.

Kimmel and his team don’t hold back, either. Celebrities are faced with horrible insults about their appearance, their careers and their (clearly) most vulnerable insecurities. Last night’s version was no different, and included a pretty visibly sad Jennifer Aniston:

Yikes. That “bag of flour” stuff really got to her.

Don’t be sad, Jennifer Aniston, you’re not a bag of flour at all. You’re a national treasure! Your hair is iconic and your acting career is… an acting career!

Also can you believe someone had the audacity to insult the appearance of Gal Godot? WONDER WOMAN? Like literally a goddess? People on Twitter are so mean. Which sucks if you’re a celebrity, but it’s pretty awesome for us!