15 Signs You’re Dating A Major F*cking Douchebag

6. He refuses to label your relationship.

Now, I feel this is dependant on how long you’ve been seeing someone – because you shouldn’t rush things. But, if you’ve been seeing someone, sleeping with someone and dating someone for months and he refuses to “label” your relationship, there’s a huge reason why – he wants to still see other people and keep his “options open,” so you should, too.

7. He never pays on dates.

It’s 2017 – men shouldn’t always pay on dates. But, if you’re dating a guy who never, ever pays on dates – that’s wrong as f*ck. If he’s constantly avoiding the bill or asking you to split it everytime you go out, stop going out with him.

8. He disrespects or insults your family and friends.

There are times where you’ll vent to the person you’re dating when a friend or family member pisses you off, but that doesn’t give them the right to go bashing them. If he openly insults them or speaks disrespectfully about your family or friends, put him in his place. Those are your people – don’t take that lightly.

9. He cares more about his phone than you.

If you’re with someone and making time to see them, they should be present and active in whatever you’re doing – especially if you’re out to eat with them. People who live on their phones are straight up rude and, obviously don’t care enough about you or your time.

10. He’s cheated on past girlfriends.

If a guy has cheated before, there’s no telling that he won’t cheat again – especially if it’s more than one woman. Never date someone with a bad track record.