18 Facts About Costco That Made Us Go ‘Oh That’s Interesting…’

Costco is America’s favorite store. Where else can you get 40 pounds of butter, a lifetime supply of shampoo, and a DVD copy of the I Am Legend directors cut? Just Costco and my aunt’s house!

Even if you’re not a member, walking the halls of Costco is a uniquely transcendent experience; somewhere between shopping and a spiritual vision quest to find trail mix. That said, there are fun facts about the inner workings and history of Costco that you might not know. Even if you fancy yourself a Costco veteran.


It may be devious, but it totally works. You don’t realize that you need a 48 pack of Snickers Ice Cream bars until you see it.

2. Employees are paid pretty darn well.

The starting salary is 11.50 an hour. That can get raised to within the $20/hour range, and theres full benefits. Not bad in this economy.

3. You can return pretty much anything.

Shampoo not up to your standards? Return the whole pallet you bought!


It’s true. Even if you’re in the middle of shopping and realize you have terrible commitment issues.

5. The famous chicken bake is made with the same dough as the pizza.

Which is why it’s so delicious. Probably. That and the thrill of eating a chicken casserole under fluorescent lights.