This Woman Ordered A Vegan Meal And What She Received Was Hilariously Disappointing

It’s definitely tough to be a vegan. Cutting out dairy, meat, eggs, and basically anything and everything that uses animal products is quite the challenge in our meat-obsessed, bacon-worshipping culture. Of course, some restaurants make it easy — offering a plethora of delicious vegan options and finally letting vegans feel like they can hang.

Unfortunately, one restaurant in Spain had another view on the subject. Sisters Gabbie Jarvis, 17, and and Georgia Jarvis, 19, who both live in Leeds, recently went out to eat. Gabbie shared a photo on Twitter of Georgina’s vegan meal, which exclusively consisted of…

Raw onions and tomatoes…


“Out for tea and the restaurant claimed they catered for vegans, this was my sisters amazing vegan meal ???,” Gabbie tweeted alongside two shots of the dish.

“Georgina has been a vegan for three years and she usually has a good selection of foods to choose when out in restaurants in the U.K.,” Gabbie wrote to Someecards over Twitter DM. While on vacation in Fuengirola, Spain, Georgina and her family made sure to always ask the host if the restaurant had vegan options:

“My dad asked if they catered for vegans and the man claimed they did. Georgina originally ordered a vegetarian pizza with no cheese but serving staff came out and told us shortly after that it had egg in it and she should look at the salads.”

So, Georgina ordered a salad. “When it arrived, me and Georgina shared awkward eye contact and I couldn’t help but laugh and took out my phone to photograph the moment,” Gabbie told Someecards. Luckily, she didn’t mind, and she also found way to supplement her “meal” with carbs.

“Georgina is used to eating raw vegetables and she was hungry so she ate it all but asked for a bread roll to accompany it (no butter?),” Gabbie added.

Several vegans on Twitter quickly jumped in with their own horror stories:

Of course, this is the internet, so there was also a fair share of instant victim blaming.


Despite the food-fail and some heated comments, Georgina was quick to point out that it was super nice of the restaurant to put something together in the first place. Raw tomatoes and onions may not be your favorite meal, but it sure is vegan!

“The food was disappointing compared to the options there are in England but I was very happy that they accommodated me,” Georgina told Someecards. “The tweet posted may make veganism look like an extremity and inaccessible, but in reality I normally have no issues eating out in restaurants, and normally have many options.”