18 Facts About Costco That Made Us Go ‘Oh That’s Interesting…’

11. Costco is technically one of the countries largest pizza chains.

The only pizza retailer ahead of Costco is Chuck E. Cheese’s.

12. Size options are limited to reduce labor costs.

This way, workers can just unload pallets of a single item, and avoid having to sort smalls, mediums, and larges later.


It’s true. In 11 states at least, you can’t legally require a membership to buy alcohol. So stock up!

14. Costco employees get free executive membership.

Just one of the many perks and benefits they offer.

15. Costco doesn’t use bags, to avoid the “retail look.”

According to Robert Price: “One is that it costs money to have bags and, secondly – this might be a little bit of the for show idea – that if you have bags you look like a retail store.”