29 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Messy Bun, Low-Maintenance Girl

There are some women who go the extra mile to look their very best. They take time out of their day to do face-masks, they moisturize, they iron their clothes, they wax their armpits. They are risk-takers – finding new looks and styles online and trying them out themselves. They are patient – spending hours on their hair and makeup before they go out. And, then, there are some women who can’t be bothered with putting on pants. They rarely do their eyeshadow, they forget to shave their legs and if a shirt is wrinkled, well, it doesn’t look “that bad.”

29. You find cute makeup and hair looks online you want to try, but after seeing how long it takes, you never actually try it out.

28. You sniff your clothes before you wear them because – if it doesn’t smell, it’s still swell.

27. You rarely remember to wash your bras.

26. You use dry shampoo more than regular shampoo.

25. You’ve definitely left the house in the clothes you’ve slept in.

24. Your boyfriend has definitely asked if he’s in bed with a grizzly bear because you’ve gone on strike from shaving your legs.

23. Your pillows are stained because you never wash your makeup off.

22. You tie your sneaker shoelaces inside and just slide them on when you wear them because you can’t be bothered with tying them every time you wear them.

21. You most definitely have “the chair” in your room.

20. You don’t own a hamper for your dirty laundry, it mostly lives on your floor.

19. You love to look through Pinterest at cute outfits, but you don’t have the energy to shop for those things.

18. You’re always the first one ready out of your friends to go out.

17. You usually get along with most girls you meet because you’re so easy-going.

16. You don’t have the energy for drama.

15. You don’t really care to have your boyfriend shower you in lavish gifts – you’d rather him bring you home a burger or milkshake.

14. You don’t have any name-brand bags, instead just one black one and one brown one you use ’til they break.

13. Your phone probably doesn’t have a case on it.

12. You wear the same jewelry every single day.

11. You would rather be comfortable with what you’re wearing rather than look cute.

10. Messy buns are an actual hairstyle you’d go out in.

9. You have zero problems leaving the house without makeup.

8. Everyone calls you lazy.

7. You spend a lot of time in bed.

6. You barely keep anything in your bag and often time leave it at home because you don’t need much to leave the house.

5. Your mom always complains you always wear “the same color, the same thing.”

4. Shopping for an event gives you anxiety because you hate fancy sh*t.

3. You’re not picky about anything.

2. People always tell you they admire your “care-free attitude.”

1. You can’t understand how someone can spend over $300 on shoes.