6 Easy Positions For When You’re Lazy AF But Still Wanna F**k

We’ve all managed to get to that point where it’s like I want it but like… why does it take so much work? There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in admitting you’re just a lazy f*cker sometimes when it comes to doing the deed. So stress no more because in continuation there is a short list of sex positions you can try when you’re just not feeling it….but you are?

1.  The Spoon:

Ah yes, the ever so infamous spoon. Literally, all you need to do is scooch your tush against his thing and you are good.

2. The Dangle

This one could potentially be hazardous but if you do it right then welcome to paradise. Just squirm yourself to the edge of the bed letting yourself literally dangle over whenever you’re about to hit the jackpot and voila instantly just upgraded missionary to like 10x better thanks to the blood rush that will hit your head. Just be careful not to pass out. Yes, It can happen.

3. The Lotus

The fact that both your partner and yourself will be straddled against each other doesn’t give you an opportunity to make any extravagant moves. Which is great because even the most subtle movement will keep you soaring in this one due to the fact that it’s so intimate and intense.

4. The Spider Web

For this one, you just have to scissor your legs with your partner’s while facing each other and viola! You just created your own little web of love. FYI: Instead of thrusting your life away, this one works better in circular grinding motions.

5. The Crab

I would also like to refer this to the “Lazy Dog” because it really just is the laziest version of doggy style ever and since we all know we love our doggy style, this is one is perfect for the lazy in all of us.

6. The Side – Wind

Just lay on your side, relax and let your partner do the work. You’ve done enough already scrolling through this article.