Sorry Ladies, Turns Out The Hurricane Irma Cop Is A Racist A**hole

You may remember these three hot cops from their selfie that went viral in the midst of Hurricane Harvey:

We had some fun. They’re hot cops, they were helping to save lives in the middle of a tragedy, all was well. Of course, as it always does, reality has to come smack you in the face. It turns out that one of the dudes (the one in the middle, with the beard) is a total racist piece of shit.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

It all came to light when someone took screengrabs of the guy’s Facebook showing him making jokes about the holocaust and putting Jewish people in ovens. Cool. Who wouldn’t want to bring that home to grandma.

A spokesman from the Gainesville Police Department stated that they were “reviewing the allegation” and further information about the complaint would have to be confidential until the investigation closed. “The Gainesville Police Department prides itself with our philosophy and mission of compassion, inclusion, and respect and will fully review the matter,” they said. To make matters worse, he only joined the police department in 2016. Looks like, if justice is served, his stint on the force will be a short one. Not short enough to avoid being an antisemitic loser, but short.

Frankly it should be a lesson to all of us in this day and age. Don’t fawn over a guy until you’ve confirmed 100% that he isn’t literally the worst.

Why do all the good ones have to be Nazis, am I right, ladies?

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