The Internet Is Losing It Over This Hurricane Harvey Rescuer Known As “Rescue Bae”

Whenever a good looking person does something courageous and makes the news – or, you know, ends up in prison – the Internet will swoon over them forever. All it takes is some nice eyes, maybe a little bit of facial hair and a solid jaw-line for every woman to drool onto her keyboard. We’ve had prison bae, salt bae and now – we’re moving on to rescue bae, a really, really good looking guy who was helping rescue victims in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

Raz Halili and his cousin both work for their family’s oyster business in Texas and have a few boats in order to catch the oysters. They decided to use their boat and jet skis to help victims who were stranded after the hurricane hit. One woman was rescued by Raz and his cousin – and immediately sent her friend a picture because…well.. damn.

But – the selfie that went viral was when Raz and his cousin stopped to help out some Coast Guard officers with their boat after their motor started giving them trouble. Raz claimed that it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment and wanted to get a selfie with the Coast Guard.

The woman who was originally rescued by Raz shared the selfie online – wanting to “find him and thank him” but also – because she wanted to find him and kiss him, obviously. But, the selfie went viral online because, well, Raz is a total babe.

People were leaving comments thirsty for some #RescueBae and honored him with the title.

As far as Raz – he’s not single, but, he is nice on the eyes.