Nurse Arrested After Forbidding Cops To Draw Blood From An Unconscious Man

In the world of the Internet, it’s hard for anything controversial or head-turning to go unnoticed, no matter where it happens. Once something is recorded and posted online – it only takes days (sometimes even hours) before it goes viral and has people everywhere talking.

Recently, a video was released from earlier this summer – July 26th – of a Salt Lake City nurse being forcefully arrested after refusing to allow cops to draw blood from a patient who was at the time unconscious.

Detective Jeff Payne wanted to draw blood from a patient who was involved in a serious car crash to see if there was any alcohol in his system, according to several reports. But, nurse Alex Wubbles insisted that it was against hospital policy to draw blood from any patient who is unconscious without an arrest or a signed police warrant. After Detective Payne had given Wubbles a hard time complying with the hospital’s laws, she called her supervisors to assist her. The detectives did not comply and instead, threatened to arrest Wubbles if she did not allow them to draw blood. After refusing, the officers both forcefully arrested Wubbles and forced her into a police squad car.

After the incident, Wubbles filed a suit against the police department and her lawyer released the video as a “talk back” in how the police force should treat health care workers with “more respect” when they are just trying to do their jobs.

In response, the Salt Lake City Police Department announced that both officers involved in the case were put on administrative leave and announced a criminal investigation would be conducted. Several officials have issued public apologies to the nurse and insisted that they condemn the two detectives actions.

The incident has caused a lot of arguments and uproar across the nation, as police brutality has been an ongoing debate in politics and mainstream media. Without a doubt, the officers had no authority to arrest the nurse – in such a violent way – or, at all. Wubbles was clearly doing her job and complying with the rules in her own organization and hospital, and with authorities not respecting this – is anything really sacred when it comes to organizations and other jobs in which there are rules and regulations in place?

People on Twitter were on the complete side with Nurse Alex Wubbles, as they believed she was a “hero” for doing her job.

What are your thoughts?