The Internet Is Laughing Its Collective A** Off At This Horribly Designed Bumper Sticker

Let’s be honest: bumper stickers are always a risky move. They can be as innocuous as “I like birds!” and you still risk someone coming up behind you in traffic and wanting to fight about Herons V. Albatrosses.

Expressing your opinions via sticker can go wrong pretty easily. For example, here’s a bumper sticker intended to announce pride in one’s faith:

Tunashamed? Has this person been tunashamed? Shamed for eating tuna? Or for liking tuna? Wait — is this person a tuna fish? A sentient family of tuna fish driving around in a minivan?

Obviously the “T” is a cross and the sticker is supposed to say “unashamed.” But it was too late. The internet took the concept of tunashaming and ran with it. Fish puns and seafaring religiosity spread across social media like the saltwater gods intended.

The point is, it’s totally cool to be unashamed of your religion. It’s also cool to be unashamed of tuna. Just be careful when you decide to express either of those things with a s***illy designed bumper sticker on the back of your car.