17 Women Share Surprisingly Good First Date Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love

16. From user fluteitup:

Started talking to a guy on OKCupid because I had just changed my location, I was moving to a new city. He was very friendly and told me a lot about the city. The first day after I moved, he and I had lunch. However, he was adament it wasn’t a date, just as friends. I was fine with that because I really just wanted friends, and therefore had no romantic feelings at all. We joked and even talked about getting sushi the next day because hed never had it.

Fast forward to the next day, my dad was being his typical asshole self and put me in a TERRIBLE mood. I texted the guy letting him know I wasn’t really feeling sushi tonight and wanted to just stay in (at this point I was staying in a hotel for a week til my apartment was ready). He asked if I’d feel comfortable with him bringing dinner to my room. I said sure, and when he came I was in my (less than modest) pajamas because we were friends and it didn’t matter. He brought dinner, candy, and wine.

He even helped me move into my apartment where he kissed me for the first time. Then he moved into that apartment with me. And proposed there. And now we’re married.

17. From user _PurplePie_:

My current SO was a good friend for at least a year, so I knew him well and had seen some green and some red flags. Wanna know the red ones?

For example, we used to have dinner like twice a week, and two months before our relationship actually started, he said he wouldn’t be able to meet me for a while because he was busy. He didn’t specify the “while” so I absolutely thought, okay, here’s my sign, I have to get over it. Turns out, he really was busy.

Also, in our friend group, most guys were single and constantly talking about girls and exes and dating and what they wished from a girl and bla. Nothing came from him. And he looks really gorgeous and is a great guy, so why no woman in the picture, ever? Gay? Asexual? Who knows? Turns out, he has had girlfriends in the past, just not much. He just wasn’t looking for a relationship and needs to connect with a girl before starting to have feelings before starting to go after her.

He also is really sporty and does sports daily. I am not really a couch potato, but definitely not into sports (more like “going for a long walk” kind of girl). But that turned out fine. We both accept each other and that’s never been a problem. When he runs, I come and cycle next to him.