17 Women Share Surprisingly Good First Date Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love

6. From user tercerero:

We met up at a bar and shared a couple drinks. We talked all evening and then he walked me to my car and gave me a quick hug. On the way home I got a text saying he wanted to kiss me but that he also wanted to make sure that it was what I wanted too. I told him he can kiss me next time. Now he talks about moving in together and blending our families. So that was a good date.

7. From user Pantone877:

Well, the first date I went on with my SO was nothing but green flags. Which is why we’re still together. I gave him my number, asked him out, he said yes. We met at a bar. We took turns buying each other drinks. He showed me his Star Wars tattoo. We watched bands play and talked about music for hours. I met some of his friends and they were also cool. Ended the night on a hug and immediately set up the second date. He saw me into my Uber and ask me to text him when I was home safe.

8. From user dmgb:

I don’t know if this counts. But first date with current SO was amazing. I didn’t really have any expectations. I was day drunk, we had been talking on Tinder for a few days. I wanted to keep being day drunk, so I invited him to the bar I was at on a whim. He wasn’t busy, he came. I wasn’t dressed for a date. I was in a crappy tshirt and jeans. I had been biking all day. I was sweaty. My hair was flat. My makeup wasn’t flawless. But I just owned the moment because I was a little tipsy and had the confidence of a super star.

Date was amazing. He was amazing. He still is amazing. Being able to be that comfortable with him right from the start without getting worked up or stressed out was awesome. It definitely set the tone for our relationship.

9. From user KungPaoPENGUIN_:

So I didn’t expect it to go bad per se, but it was my first date from an online site so yeah. I’ve also given part of this story in a previous thread. And I wasn’t even planning on meeting up with him to begin with, I was still nervous and new to the dating scene from a 9 year relationship that spanned my entire adult life from high school. So suffice to say I was starting from square 1.

So I’m at Disney (I have an annual pass and was just killing time walking around). During my walk back to the car I open up Tinder to finally get around to deleting the app. I hadn’t had much luck because I hadn’t really clicked with anyone. I open it up to see a message from a guy I swiped on weeks ago. We just matched and he messaged me immediately. I figure that I’m bored and it’s like 10 more minutes to my car, so why not. We start talking and I definitely feel comfortable with him. I decide keep the app to continue talking to him.

Two days later he asks me about my job (911 dispatcher). He asks specifically how long I’ve been there, the areas I take calls for, and what time I usually work. I’m sitting here thinking that this guy is going to kill me or steal my identity or something. Like these questions are oddly specific! So I show my concern and he says he was in a bad accident where he almost died, in fact he should have died. He just wanted to know if I might have been involved in the call, though he’s aware it’s probably a small chance because he was hospitalized for 4ish months and by the time he was released, he felt weird showing up to thank the firefighters involved all that time later. I look into it, and holy shit I took the only 911 call! And due to a specific question I asked out of my own volition it probably made all the difference since they ordered to launch a helicopter after hearing it. At this point he insisted on meeting me to thank me in person (makes me uncomfortable, but I figure he feels strongly about it so why not). I’ve never met anyone I’ve taken a call for and it makes me feel awkward to be thanked, but he seems nice enough and it’d make a cool story anyways.

So we keep talking through text for a few days and meet up at a bowling alley between us for drinks and pool. I definitely have tons of fun and time flies by fast. I don’t even notice that we were there for like 6 hours! We click and he’s super polite. He doesn’t even use pool as a reason to get touchy or look at my ass (he’d move to the opposite side of the table when I shot) so he got points from me for that. Afterwards as the alley is closing and they’re kicking us out, he says he has something for me in his truck and he gives me flowers as a thank you for taking his 911 call. I basically just take the flowers and stand there awkwardly mumbling thanks and other awkward things about the flowers…. then he kisses me. It’s not an aggressive kiss or anything, very tentative. But it was the first kiss I’ve had since my ex… and this might be TMI but it kind of made me realize I’m a sexual person. Sex with my ex was basically all about his benefit without foreplay and very little affection (little to no kissing unfortunately). This kiss was solely focused on me. We basically ended up making out in his truck for near an hour and every move he made was very focused on me and not pushing me farther than I was comfortable. We just… clicked.

We’ve been seeing each other casually for 5 months now and as far as I know, we’re exclusive. Things seem to be moving towards a more standard relationship the last few weeks, so who knows. I just enjoy who and what we are in the moment whether it lead to something more solid or us remaining friends.

10. From user dailydoseofDANax:

I guess it wasn’t technically a “date,” but the first time my boyfriend and I ever hung out one-on-one (we were friends for years before we dated and hung out in groups but we always had this kinda unspoken thing for each other, yet timing was never right) he came over one night and we walked to this playground I used to go to when I was a kid. It has this almost hammock like structure made of old tires, and we just kinda laid next to each other and just talked for HOURS and the entire time I was just like “Oh god oh god what is happening” and my heart was racing so loudly and I was SO SURE all night he was going to hold my hand or make a move and he didn’t!!! It’s better that he didn’t because I was dating someone else (entirely wrong for me) but I remember thinking that was the first time in a long time that I was able to just talk with a guy and actually felt like I was being listened to. We got together a year later, and have been together for 4 years and I STILL feel like I’m actually being listened to! So that all definitely went way better than I expected it to 🙂