17 Women Share Surprisingly Good First Date Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love

11. From user MrHydra:

OkCupid. Talked to the guy for a few days. My mom did an embarrassing thing and friended him on FB so she and her friends can spy. He accepted the request and asked me out on a date later that day. On the date my mom’s coworker recognized me at the bar and had to say hi and that he wasn’t spying. Eventually we moved to the outside tables. Then went for a drive in his car. Then went to his house where I met his dad in his underwear in the kitchen late night snacking. Guy and me watched an episode of game of thrones awkwardly and then he brought me back to my car.

We’ve been together 4 years. Moved in together and have a dog.

12. From user Blondefirecracker14:

We met on bumble. I had been through a laundry list of awful dates and wasn’t expecting anything. He was a little late too so I pretty much had written it off and decided he wasn’t gonna call or come out, or try to “reschedule” but then he called and said he was on his way and got held up at work, which I knew was true because of the nature of his job. We met at a parking lot close by and went to get really good food. Great conversation the entire time. Left the restaurant and it was pretty late. But he parked his car and we talked for maybe 2 or 3 hours about life. Then he dropped me back off at my car. He hugged me and turned to walk away and I turned back and kissed him goodnight. It was the best first date I had ever had.

13. From user Ginger_Maple:

I went on a date with a man who I had initially blown off because I was having a lot of issues and didn’t think I could date someone with ‘potential’ (and tbh I wasn’t that wowed by his profile).

I messaged him more than 6 months later apologizing for being a jerk, ignoring his sincere well written message, and generally being unbalanced. He asked me if I was now in a place that I would be okay enough to go out and I said yes.

Showed up to this date and he was so much hotter than his photos. Like his pictures were old and he had lost weight and just is such a catch.

14. From user Frogthumper:

I was expecting it to be very boring to be honest. He was nice in his messages but the conversation wasn’t scintillating. I hadn’t felt a spark and his photos were blurry and average at best. I’d scheduled it because I’d had a couple of dates with another guy and I was feeling very freaked out by him to be honest – he was too full on and intense, very needy after a couple of dates, so I scheduled a date with someone else as a diversionary tactic and to remind myself that we were in the very early stages of dating, no commitment required.

Christ, it was like a thunderbolt. We just got on so well. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other, we talked and talked and just… clicked. He was so respectful as well, he just got it. When the hour got late, and I was feeling very hungry and tired, he got it and we went home separately. All I had to say was “I’m sorry, I’m getting really tired and hungry.” and he went “No problem, I’ll let you get home!” It was such a relief. No pouting, no “Already?!”, no “Can’t you stay a bit longer?”, no “But we can eat here, I insist, I’ll pay!” etc. etc. I kissed him, he didn’t kiss me. He confessed afterwards he would never have dared because “he didn’t want to pressure me about it.” Which makes him so much more attractive and sweet imo.

It brought home as well how much I really didn’t like the other guy so I dumped him the day after.

15. From user bubblybawdy:

My first date with my now husband. I worked with/was friends with his ex wife, she kept telling me he was a great guy (they split bc she’s gay) and I should go out with him but I had just gotten separated and I didn’t feel ready. Then she found out I went on a (bad) date with someone else, so she kept prodding and so to appease her, I let her give him my number. Didn’t think in a million he’d call. We had met, but just barely. He texted that day. I figured we’d go out, there wouldn’t be a connection, and she’d leave me alone about it. But when I got to the restaurant, sat down across from him, and looked into his eyes, I knew I was in trouble. Then the conversation starts and doesn’t stop–we went somewhere else for drinks and to an outdoor concert nearby to keep the date going! We had so much in common and he had everything I was looking for: sweet, well-read, intelligent, full of life, sincere…by the end of the night I was smitten. That was in 2012, and we got married in June