This Luggage Case Is Super Useful, And The Funniest Thing We’ve Seen All Day

How many times has this happened to you…

You’re at baggage claim at the airport. You’ve been up for 14 hours because what kind of sociopath can actually get good sleep on an airplane? The suitcases are spinning around the carousel and you suddenly realize that you have the same suitcase as like 40 other people.

Panic sets in because you’re pretty sure that the airport just throws unclaimed bags into an incinerator, right? Worse yet: you may have to fight over your bag with some crazy soccer mom who just flew in from Minnesota. You’re tired, your panicked, and you just feel like giving up.


Finally you can just get a suitcase with a giant picture of your face on it.

That’s right! The solution you’ve always secretly wanted is here. No more standing around at the airport wondering if that black back rounding the corner is yours. You and everyone around you will be able to spot your luggage a mile away… because it’ll be the one that has your giant face on it.

“Be the envy of the baggage reclaim lounge,” says the product’s description on “Nothing says ‘That’s my bag!’ like one with your own face on it.”

Just upload a photo to the website (of yourself or your family) and Firebox will send you a luggage cover with your photo printed on 3 different sizes. $26 for a small, $32.49 for a medium and $39 for a large, excluding shipping.

If you buy it now, you’ll have your hands on it just in time for your holiday travels. They also make great gifts!

I’m buying one for every member of my family.