Guy Pulls The Most F*cked Up Prank At The Airport & Everyone Falls For It

So bad but so, so good.

Everyone is addicted to their technology nowadays. It’s rare that you’ll ever see anyone without a cell phone, tablet, laptop or form of media with them wherever they go. But, especially when they are traveling. Long gone are the days where people bring a print novel or newspaper on their flight – we’re streaming everything from books to newspapers and everything in between.

So, when you’re at an airport waiting for your flight, it’s only natural you have to charge your phones to 100% before you take off.

One dude – Just Basic Dave – decided to play the ultimate prank on travelers in the airport – and it’s completely savage.

Basically, he got stickers like look like outlets, but actually are just stickers.

And, the beauty of it is – everyone fell for it.

But, Twitter was not loving his prank idea.

Luckily, Dave shared where you can purchase these evil stickers, incase you want to ruin someone else’s day.