18 Notes That Are So Passive-Aggressive It’s Incredible

Being passive aggressive is an art form that everyone should learn. Why face your conflicts head-on when you can just sigh and hint towards things you want changing? Where would humanity be without the tremendous courage of people pretending they’re not mad when they really are? Further ahead? Perhaps.

Okay but seriously, if you’ve got a problem you should say something. Stand up for yourself! Don’t just expect people to fix things for you after you’re s***y to them. In other words: Don’t be like all of these gloriously passive-aggressive people.

1. This coffee hater.

2. This concerned coworker.

3. This scared mug-parent.

4. This reggae-lovin printer.

5. These snidely mug touchers.

6. This dishwasher locator.

7. This cheese monger.

8. This dedicated worker.

9. This Smiths fan.

10. This excellent speller.