11-Year-Old Hilariously Owns Her Sister After Overhearing Her Loud Sex With Boyfriend

When you have a little sister/brother, you know life can sometimes be difficult. I’m the baby of the family, and my sisters are both 8-10 years older than I am–so, I know first hand that I was a Nosy Nancy always snooping in their stuff. Of course, when my mom went out and my sister had friends over, I always wanted to be involved and included–even if she was sneaking over boys. But, after being kicked out several times, I went off and did my own thing. It seems as though one 11-year-old little sister is bringing sweet revenge on her sister in honor of all us little sister’s out here in the world in a serious hilarious way.

Twitter user @SalsaWater shared on her timeline that her 11-year-old sister accidentally heard her and her boyfriend having sex. After they were done, the two apparently went out and when they returned, her sister trolled her in the funniest way ever–leaving messages all over the house about how much they had sinned. The notes included phrases like: “y’all need frickin’ Jesus,” “gross, sinners, nasty,” and “filthy sinner.”

While it seems like a harsh punishment for doing something incredibly natural, @SalsaWater shared with her followers that her sister was indeed being a smartass and was only joking around–nothing to take to heart, guys…