30 Siblings Who Took Being A Savage To A Whole New Level

Growing up with siblings is excellent no doubt. Although, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy by any stretch of the imagination. There are few things more intense than a good old-fashioned sibling rivalry. Siblings are a weird thing, they’ll always be your best friends yet, at times you will never hate another person more than you hate your siblings. I guess that just comes with the territory of knowing someone literally their entire life. Some of us are lucky and have rather mild-mannered brothers and sisters. Other’s are doomed because they are stuck with savage siblings for the rest of their lives. Savage siblings have one job, and that’s to make your life more difficult by any means necessary. Check out these 30 brothers and sisters who embody the definition of a savage sibling.

1. Do NOT touch Breanna’s Puffs. Repeat Do NOT.

2. Or she’s just noticing you’re a loser.

3. This boy is on pace to become an evil genius.