This ‘GoT’ Theory Takes A Wild Guess At Beric Dondarrion’s Grim Purpose

Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers below!

If you’ve been paying close attention to Game of Thrones you’re probably wondering what the seven hells is up with Beric Dondarrion. The foul-mouthed eye-patched Lord of Blackhaven has been brought back to life by the lord of the light more times than we can count. (Okay we could probably count we’re just lazy.)

That means, like Jon Snow, the “LoL” seems to have some purpose for him; a mission that is somehow so important his soul literally can’t be at rest until he completes it.

Based on the events of last week’s episode, and the gang of misfits that just marched past the wall, one Redditor has a wild theory about what that mission could be.

From user Hockeyfox:

Every time Beric has been raised from the dead by Thoros, he has wondered why the Lord of Light keeps bringing him back. After the premier of “Eastwatch”, Beric’s final purpose has become abundantly clear.

He is going to be the wight that Jon Snow brings back from the North!

Think about it, Beric’s whole arc has been him grappling with his purpose as basically a Light zombie. Wouldn’t it be poetic that he end up sacrificing himself to save his comrades and thus reanimates as an ice wight? Then, Jon captures him and brings him south. This would mean his purpose in living in a continuous cycle of life and death would be to be brought back one last time as living (or more appropriately unliving) proof to Dany and Cersei that the white walkers really exist! What are you’re thoughts?

Well hey wouldn’t that be something.

One thing’s for sure: not everyone is going to survive that suicide mission up north. The vast majority of that heist team is made up of side-characters, so there’s no way Game of Thrones is going to hold back on dropping at least one of them.

It would be so much more interesting though, if they died for a reason. That’s what’s cool about this theory. It makes Beric’s hypothetical death really mean something in terms of the larger story.

Of course, if it’s a friendly zombie they’re looking for, isn’t Benjen still up there? Will they run into him and decide that taking on the whole army of wights themselves is a f***ing terrible idea?

Probably not since we’ve already seen battle footage. So once again we’ll just have to wait and see. Lord of Light show us the way.