This Character May Be The One True “Prince Who Was Promised” & We Never Saw It Coming

The Hound is the Prince That Was Promised – I’m calling it right now.

If you watched Game of Thrones – and watched the Season 7 premiere – you’ll notice that Sandor “The Hound” Clegane got a lot more screen time during the episode. While he was not intertwined with anyone major – he was seen with Beric Dondarrion and others who worship “The Lord of Light.” I’m still hella confused about The Lord of Light because the evil Red Woman made Stannis burn Shireen alive and I’m still not over it (I’ll never be over it) so I’m not a huge fan of The Lord of Light – he can go f*ck himself.

Regardless – The Lord of Light has been basically saying that there is a “Prince That Was Promised.” As the legend goes, some guy named Azor Ahai was a legend – the GOAT basically – and he defeated the White Walkers way back when with a “flaming sword.” The believers in The Lord of Light say that Azor Ahai will be reborn, when the time comes, and will defeat the White Walkers yet again.

The Red Woman is hella confused because she thinks everyone is The Price That Was Promised – i.e: Stannis and now, Jon Snow. But, in my honest opinion, that would be too obvious if it were Jon Snow and – it’s definitely not. Game of Thrones writers love to play us for fools – they’ll give us an inch and then take us a mile away. So, when this evil b*tch believed that Jon Snow was The Prince That Was Promised – she brought him back from the dead. But, I’m going with – negative.


Now – The Hound – that’s a good idea, because honestly, who the f*ck would believe that? Not me, at least, not until the Season 7 premiere. Okay so, here’s my theory:

Throughout the show, The Hound has been known to be afraid of fire because he was burned by his brother as a child by putting his face into the fire. Since then, he really doesn’t go near fire and winces at the site of it. But, during this episode, one of Beric’s friends tells The Hound to “read the fire” that The Lord of Light sends messages through. And, he can.

He basically sees The White Walkers coming to destroy everyone and everything on the other side of the wall. Beware, literally everyone, they’re coming.

But – that’s not all. According to The Lord of Light, The Prince Who Was Promised will be reborn “amidst salt and smoke,” which can totally be The Hound, as he was burned AF as a child – I mean, look at that ugly mug. Also, he’s the saltiest character on the show (small joke, small joke). He almost died at the Battle of Blackwater while fighting for the Lannisters, which, could be the “salt.” So, he was reborn twice – once from smoke (aka fire burn) once from salt (aka beach front battle). And – he can read fire and read The Lord of Light’s messages.

Plus, everyone thought Arya had left him for dead and we were like Bye Felicia! But, bringing him back had to be for a reason.


Do you feel me?!?

These people do:

But now I’m all like – is it too obvious? Are the writers trying to throw me off even more? I’m having more anxiety over this than I do over a late period.

Damn you, Game of Thrones.