This Tiny Detail About Jon’s Sword Has Fans Freaking Out About What’s Next On GoT

Game of Thrones season seven episode six spoilers below!!!

Another week, another tiny thing for Game of Thrones fans to freak out about until the next episode comes along and gives us new things to freak out about. This one comes to us courtesy of Redditor miba54 who noticed something weird about Jon Snow’s sword.

A little context: Towards the end of the epic lake battle sequence, Daenerys takes off on her dragon with whats left of the Westeros suicide squad, and leaves Jon Snow behind. He’d just been tackled by a couple wights right into the lake and things weren’t looking good. Plus, the Night King was gearing up for his second gold-medal-worthy javelin throw.

Of course, Jon Snow survived because this is End-Game of Thrones and cool people don’t die anymore. He hoists himself out from under the ice, grabs his sword, and gets ready for the next round.

That’s when this happens:

See it? Longclaw’s eye appears to open as Jon comes up and grabs it.

What does this mean? Possibly nothing. But that won’t stop Game of Thrones fans from debating endlessly about the possible implications. Could Bran have warged into the sword? Is the sword alive?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

The prevailing theory on Reddit seems to be that it’s just Jon’s hand reflecting in the gem that makes Longclaw’s eye. The only problem with that is Jon’s hand is behind the sword so — you know, that’s not how reflections work. Plus it doesn’t account for the fact that the eye really appears to have a lid that opens sideways. Kind of like a reptile’s eye.

Some also seem to think that it’s just water droplets hitting the sword. Directly on the eye. And not anywhere else. And creating the perfect shape and color of an open eye. On a very obvious close-up shot of the sword. Hmm…

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s possible that Longclaw is just a sword, after all. But this is Game of Thrones.

Everything means something if you want it to.