This Theory Predicts Another Marriage For Sansa, Though It Might Not Be As Sh*tty As The Others

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7!

Not a lot of people in Westeros have had a worse time than Sansa Stark. The eldest Stark daughter has been ripped from her home, separated from her family, and unceremoniously married off to some of the worst humans in all of fiction.

And while she’s having a much better go of it this season (ruling the north, and getting to bro-hug every returning Stark from here to Dorne) people are understandably wondering where her story is going, and if it will turn out as shitty as it’s been for her so far.

One Reddit theory suggests that there might be another arranged marriage in her future. This time, to an unexpected enemy.

From user ALL_STAR_87:

Could Sansa Stark and Dickon Tarly be the pairing Westeros has been waiting for?

Randyll Tarly is clearly the driving force behind the recent Lannister alliance, while young Dickon shows more concern about turning his back on old ties.

If Randyll croaks and Dickon survives there’s a chance he could abandon his father’s pact with the Lannisters, paving the way to reconnect with his brother Sam – who happens to have the Tarly’s Valyrian steel sword and coincidentally is best mates with a Stark.

With the Starks/Targaryens looking likely to take on the walkers, Sam bringing House Tarly (and most likely the rest of The Reach) onboard would be a big strategic win. Not to mention that House Tarly supported the Targaryens back in the day.

By joining the fight in the north, Sansa and Dickon would no-doubt cross paths setting-up a potentially perfect partnership bringing together north and south.

Anyone else think this could happen? Or is this too nice for GOT?

So is it possible that Sansa will be marrying Dickon (lol) in the near future?

It has that quintessential Game of Thrones not-sure-how-to-feel-about-this feeling as many viewers of the show just want to see Sansa get married to someone she chooses for once.

However, it would also be a perfect way to combine the Tarly and Stark houses since Sam can’t get married due to his vows. Either way, Dickon looks like Tom Brady and seems to be a nice dude, so it would hopefully rank among Sansa’s best marriages.

But this is Game of Thrones after all, and who’s really expecting a happy ending?