You Need To See Dickon Tarly (RIP) Without His Shirt On ASAP

Dickon Tarly, aka Samwell Tarly’s brother, was only on Game of Thrones for one short season (season seven) before his fiery death. Introduced alongside his father in King’s Landing, Dickon was riding side-by-side with his father, representing House Tarly.

He and his father both bent the knee to Cersei Lannister as their Queen and because they refused to bend the knee to Dany,  they suffered a painful and hot death – AKA Dany burnt them alive with her dragons.

What you probably don’t know about Dickon Tarly – actor Tom Hopper – is that he is a total smoke show (which makes total sense as to why he died by burning TF up). Don’t believe me? Just look at his Instagram page.

Hello, Dickon.


. Ball slams. Every day. Repeatedly. Even in my sleep.

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Arg. Couldn’t we have gotten one shirtless Dickon on GoT?