Kim Kardashian Is Selling Her Own Fidget Spinners, But There’s A Catch

Of course she is.

Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner empire just love to hop on the success train of other people/products. For example – fidget spinners.

For the last several months, fidget spinners have been taking over the Internet and the lives of little kids everywhere. It’s basically a distraction tool for people who have attention issues, to keep them busy. Or, for people who are often fidgeting and need something to play with. But, as you can ask any teacher, they are the absolute worst.

People use them in inappropriate places and at inappropriate times, like chucking them across classrooms and bothering everyone in the board meeting.

But, Kim Kardashian will never let a trend die without putting her name on it. That’s why she’s releasing her own line of fidget spinners – shaped like money signs, with the word “Daddy” written across them.

Can you say boujee?

Of course, the toy is $15 + shipping. So, if you want to blow your money away – go for it – because shipping is brutal.