35 People Confess Why They Turned Down A Marriage Proposal


A coworker of mine, happily married for a good long while, told me that the only man she dated before her husband was obsessed with her, and pursued her even after she broke up with him and had proposed multiple times before and after they broke up. He just had this unhealthy obsession with her for some reason. Thelast time he proposed to her was the day before her wedding to her husband. She of course turned him down, and he finally moved on and married a different girl.

I told her jokingly that he sounded unhinged and she really dodged a bullet there. She went quiet for a moment and then said, “Well, he killed the woman he DID end up marrying.” –HermesCat


He asked me, on condition that I changed myself into something that he wants, so he can fulfill his dreams. All this while ignoring all my dreams. So… I chose to go forward alone. –FoodFactor


Not me, but my Dad. Back whenhe was 18 he’d go to this drive in after work with his work friends for dinner. There was a waitress there he flirted with but never dated. After about 4 years (when he was 22) he asked her to marry him. She said no, couldn’t see them having a future together. He said, “Alright, I’ll never ask you again.”

A few years later the place closed down. Then another 10 years or so passed. When he was 36 he ran into her at a McDonalds while she was baby sitting someone else’s kids. He thought they were hers at first. They got to know each other again, then started dating. 2 years later she felt he was the one but he never asked her to marry him. So instead she asked him and he and my mom have been married for 43 years now. –SailorDeath


He was a stranger on the bus to the city. He said he’d give me an entire closet of clothing if I married him. “I dees-eyenne claws” he said. He wanted a green card. I asked why not money. He said he didn’t have any. I told him no thanks. He said ok, looked forward at the seat ahead and sighed. Then immediately swiveled his head back at me have asked if I had any sisters. Nope. Another sigh. –nakao7888544


Not me but my hairdresser and I we’re talking about her recent breakup the other day. She had been dating her BF for seven years, he never proposed so she broke up with him, didn’t want to waste her time. As she was breaking up with him he proposed, she said no. –piuttostoItaliana


I was going through post-partum depression and I had no support system to speak of. I was a teenager and my mom just kept repeatingly telling me to give my son up for adoption because no one would ever want me and you’re nothing without a man. That being said, there was one meathead jock who had been asking me out for years that I always turned down because we had nothing in common. We had never even had a conversation before yet he would religiously ask me out for almost every dance and Valentine’s. Well that Valentine’s when he asked me out again, I just gave up and said yes. We dated for a year, the whole time him telling me he had always admired me from afar, loved my creativity and individuality; but also telling me to stop dying my hair and grow it out, to get manicures and wear make-up, to lose weight and wear designer clothing.

After a year, he proposed. We were 19 and he said he was ready to start a family with me. That we would perfect and our kids would be perfect. It was like I snapped out of a fog. I realized that if I married him I would be unhappy for the rest of my life. So we broke up. A year later I met the man that I did eventually marry. –psocoptera


Because she was like 30 years younger than I was, and I already married her mother, who gave birth to her 5 years ago.

I love her 3000 so there’s that. jonoboiiy


My abusive girlfriend tried to get me to marry her. Then, she beat me with a chair for slightly overcooking the Thanksgiving turkey. Yeah, turns out that beating somebody so bad that you break their arm is a good way to get your proposal turned down. –InkblotDoggo


Many reasons, mainly I realized we didn’t stand a chance on being happy together long term. He was to selfish and narcissistic and I constantly felt I had to look out for myself in the relationship (he would always made sure to get his first no matter what). I guess it became the beginning of the end when he managed to ruin a trip to Paris (we fought all the time while there, the only times we didn’t is when He got his way) that I had foot over 90% of the bill. asif15


He stole money from me and cheated. chief_queef_69