35 People Confess Why They Turned Down A Marriage Proposal


Well, he proposed as I was breaking up with him, which was awkward and for some reason he thought it would make me change my mind. Also he had threatened to kill my family the day before (hence the breakup) so there’s that.MermaiderMissy


Got asked in college by a close female friend. We weren’t dating, I hadn’t ever felt an attraction to her, and I knew she just wanted a husband more than she wanted me, the actual person. 100% yikes. –YouHaveToGoHome


It was our first date. He showed up drunk and called me somebody else’s name. –Missscarlet9314


A friend’s girlfriend got hammered at a bowling alley. Got down on one knee completely seriously and then wet herself while proposing to me. –buserr0r


My mother was engaged to a man while she was in college. The wedding plans were well underway and as the wedding got closer, her fiancé started acting super clingy and possessive. She called it off a few months before getting married. He has lived locally their whole lives so she’srun into him a few times. Apparently he’s the super jealous type who doesn’t let his wives have male friends and he has been married three times. My mom definitely dodged a bullet. –NapkinStack66


He was that weird stoner patron that came in just to talk to me even though I wasn’t interested. He told me he was the heir to the commonwealth and should be king after Elizabeth dies, because he had the 3 out of the emblems of the United Kingdom, and once he got the 4th it would secure his position. He would also make airplane noises when I had my attention turned to other tasks. That’s a no Jason. –ausgekugelt


I’m on the opposite side of this story, but it’s still a good one. This was years ago. My girlfriend and I were at a friend’s wedding, and I got caught up in the romanticism of it and wound up blurting out a proposal at the reception. She said no, and explained that this wasn’t the memory of a proposal that she wanted. It felt tacky to tie this important moment to someone else’s special day, and she told me to ask her again later, in a different setting. Literally five minutes later, they announced that the bride was going to throw the bouquet. All the girls lined up, it went into the air, and sailed straight into my girlfriends arms. She laughed, turned to me, and said, “That moment is pretty good. Okay, I guess we’re engaged.” –Egheaumaen


I was 16 and about to move to California with my grandma and away from my abusive household. Dude I was dating asked me to marry him and I told him no because I knew moving would give me better opportunities than the shitty small town I was living in. I felt suffocated in that town and needed to work on myself after being abused by my parents. writerraccoon


I was in highschool, she had schizophrenia, and I wasn’t a lesbian…

Also we weren’t dating. –Rossomak


My husband proposed one month into dating. I declined because, you know, one month.

A year later we moved in together and he proposed and I declined because I wasn’t ready.

Almost three years later and two more declined proposals I said yes on the 4th time. I finally felt ready.

We have been married 11 years. In retrospect, his instincts were probably better than mine 🙂 –dontbadgerthewitness