People Told The Stories Of How Someone Told Them They “Liked” Them And You’re Already Cringing

Ah, love, sweet mystery of life, the greatest thing and the worst thing. Yeah, sure, fine, it’s the most powerful emotion there is, but that’s awful because it makes you heartsick, sick in the stomach, and put yourself on the line because you need that other person to love you back. Or you at least need to know whether or not there’s a chance they could love you back. So then there comes a time for many of us when we summon the courage and approach our crush to proclaim our love. Sometimes, heck, most times, it doesn’t go well. Some people recently got on Ask Reddit and revealed their personal, embarrassing stories about when they were told they were somebody’s crush…and how it all ended in awkwardness and humiliation.


A coworker purchased a $3,000 giant lizard. (I think a monitor lizard?) He mentioned he named it my name. I laughed, not getting it, and asked if it’s spelled the same. He looked at me super intensely and said. “Yes. Exactly like you.” I… was only 19, and I sort of just walked away.


some guy in one of my classes back in HS tried to impress me by writing me a story.

Unfortunately, this story turned out to be violent and explicitly sexual fan-fiction of characters I had made for creative project I was working on that the time. The characters in question were like, cute and cuddly cartoon animals, so needless to say I was extremely horrified.


So, when I was in middle school, I was well known for liking cats. So, some friend of the guy that I actually did like decides that he was gonna follow me around the playground, PURRING to woo me.

A decade later and that still gives me the heebie jeebies.