Woman Seeks Advice On ‘Tiny Engagement Ring,’ Gets Demolished By Women Online

When it comes to love, many women dream about the day their significant other will ask for their hand in marriage. While marriage may not be everyone’s end goal, there are women out there who dream about their ring, their dress, and their “perfect wedding day.”
Some women have been planning since they were little girls and expect everything to be absolutely flawless–including their engagement ring.

While some women are picky about their ring, others could care less about the size and price. But, there are those select women out there who are incredibly shallow and materialistic, only caring about the price tag on their rock. One woman, in particular, wrote to a forum online after discovering how “little” her fiancé had spent on her engagement ring. The anonymous user posted to MumsNet about how “disappointed” she was in her fiancé’s budget and rock choice.


Obviously, this woman has priorities that differ from many others. While her concern is the price and the size, other women decided to be straight-forward with her–they don’t base their love and commitment on money, but on actual love instead.

Since receiving such backlash online, the woman has decided to delete the original post, in order to save her husband from any further humiliation and backlash. I guess she’s “trying.”

h/t: BoredPanda.