This Disgusting Apartment Is Being Judged By Twitter And People Are Mad

Sometimes you gotta feel glad to have grown up before the era of public Twitter shaming. At this point, you must be fairly old to say that, but it’s worth outing yourself. People used to have fights that no one would know about, because they were hard to join in on. You couldn’t just write 140 characters and hit “send” to flame someone. You had to get up, go to their home, and knock on the door. Or call them. Can you imagine using a phone to call someone? Horrible.

Nowadays, everyone gets their dirty laundry aired out online, in some cases quite literally. Twitter user @majebland shared images of her roommate’s filthy room and the condition of their shared kitchen with her follows, asking people to retweet them if they thought the condition of the rooms is unacceptable. Over 55 thousand people have, so I guess it is unacceptable!

You can’t expose your roommate like that and not expect some pushback. It’s pretty humiliating to have everyone and their mothers with Twitter accounts see your private space. Frankly, if there are ever that many pizza boxes in my bedroom, I’m definitely going through something. Please get in touch with my emergency contact. There are a lot of people who think this is the worst possible way to handle things:

But @majebland is unrepentant. She is also sick of folks accusing her of having done something wrong or trying to pass of her own room as her rooommate’s:

She is also retweeting her supporters, some of whom have made the excellent point that it doesn’t matter if most of the mess is in her roommate’s space. It will still attract bugs or mice and just generally makes the apartment pretty unpleasant:

It seems like @majebland is still in the thick of things, and there is a reveal to come. She hasn’t yet shown all these comments, as far as we know. Something tells me the roommate will not have a happy response to all this. Is it okay to be team no one?