Here’s Your ‘Gilmore Girls’ Themed Wedding Guide

Fans of the Gilmore Girls knows that romance is as integral to the show as mother-daughter relationships, name-dropping bands, and small town whimsy. Over the show’s many seasons we saw quite a few love stories end in weddings, and a few weddings end love stories. Overall, most of us would prefer to remember those incredible town square celebrations. The truly passionate want to recreate them, and you pretty much can.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for bring that Amy Sherman-Palladino touch to the proceedings. You may not have that CW budget, or even support from Netflix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your special day a secret (or not so secret) tribute to one of the greatest shows ever.

A Gazebo Proposal

It might be a bit hard to arrange your vows there, but as this video from Twitter user @mollysierra_ shows, you can hit up the Stars Hollow gazebo at WB studios. If you’re prepared, you might be able to sneak in a proposal on the stage set where so much drama went down over the years. You could probably sneak a wedding officiant in, too, but then it would be harder to do the rest of this stuff.

A Combined The Bachelor And Bachelorette Party

Though there’s plenty of sexy escapades on the series, overall Gilmore Girls serves up a lot of wholesomeness. It’s no surprise that Lane and her fiancé end up celebrating their last night of freedom together—and why shouldn’t you? It’s sweet, much cheaper than strippers, and gives the bridal party a chance to get to know each other better.

A Detachable Wedding Skirt

Lane Kim’s wedding dress went through so many iterations: she had to have a buddhist ceremony for her grandmother, a Christian ceremony for her mom and a rocking ceremony for herself. Most of don’t need these levels of subterfuge, but why not adopt the detachable wedding skirt Lorelai worked into her outfit? Long skirt for the vows, short skirt for the reception. It’s actually extremely practical.

 A Renaissance Vest

I’m just gonna say it: tuxes are boring. At least at Liz and TJ’s wedding, the groom looked snappy. A Renaissance and Gilmore Girl’s themed wedding is sort of a hat on top of a hat, but it’s totally worth it if all the guys don’t look identical in the photos. Flower crowns will never go out of style and bell sleeves flatter everyone. Plus, the band is just one guy with a lute, which is bound to be cheaper.

A Friend To Stop You From Making Your Own Cake

Definitely get yourself a cake that has that Sookie St. James perfection to it, definitely do not make it yourself like Sookie actually did. Unless you need something to project all your anxiety onto right before you have a total meltdown. Hmm, that actually doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

A Coffee Maker

If you were going to cater your wedding Stars Hollow-style, it would be pancakes, frozen bananas, ice cream, and lots and lots of coffee. That sounds freaking delicious, but much more basic than usual wedding fare. If you want to serve something fancier, at least be sure to get a coffee cart in there. No Gilmore would go to the altar without being ridiculously hyped up on caffeine.

A Choreographed Dance

Where you lead, I will follow… on the dance floor. From the 24-hour dance marathon to Lorelai’s excitement over Luke being able to waltz, dancing is integral to the town and the show. That’s how Miss Patty stays in business. It’s not easy keeping a dance school afloat in a town of like, 500 people, tops. The entire economy of the place is based in dancing and hay mazes. Most weddings feature a first dance, so why not make it particularly spectacular and dance to Carole King.

These are just starter suggestions, and you can get as detailed in your Gilmore Girls merch, place settings, and vows as you like. Or as much as your partner will agree to.

In the end, it’s just the two of you. And maybe a daughter you had in your teens.